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This was the last genuine opportunity to make the difference and gain a place in the general standings for the competitors. They had to be watchful on the first part of the special in which the dunes of San Juan had pride of place as well as a section of fesh-fesh that can cause major damage to racing hopes. The quick tracks at the end of the special suited WRC experts down to the ground, but there was always the danger of getting carried away with speed and making a mistake the day before the finish…

The arrival in the region of San Juan was by no means a soft landing, because the competitors had to tackle the longest special of the rally, totalling 523 km. It was a mixture of sand, fast tracks and bumpy rocky sections that severely tested the riders’ and drivers’ capacities with the tiredness of the last 12 days starting to take its toll. Weather and safety problems forced the organisers to cancel the stage for the bike and quad categories

This was the third year running that the rally featured a mixed start, meaning that cars, motorbikes and quads took turns to start based on their times in the previous stage. La Rioja province, the only region that has featured in every Dakar since the rally came to South America, is also the scene of the second motorbike marathon stage. The stars of the Dakar will have to take care of their machines on their own after another taxing day.

The Dakar contested its first stage in Argentina this year and also encountered much warmer temperatures than in recent days, with almost 40°C in the shade. The danger was that this could tire the competitors on the vast sandy terrain covering the first part of the special and then perhaps rob them of their lucidity when tackling the last part, in which tricky navigation through river beds had pride of place…

At 500 km, the longest special of the 2018 Dakar was also one of the hardest. Rain on the Bolivian Plateau and sections at altitudes exceeding 4,800 metres made the challenge even more daunting. The competitors had to contend with their own fatigue as well as the wear and tear of their vehicles after the rules of the marathon stage left them without assistance service the night before.

Last day for all participants of the 10th edition of the Africa Eco Race to honor all those who managed to reach Dakar after more than 6000 kilometers. The Lac Rose welcomed these heroes who have all been able to parade on the podium in front of the public.

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